It’s a Small World


As children reach kindergarten and early primary age, they continue to become increasingly more aware of the wider world beyond home, school and their neighborhood. Children want to go green, too. And we are going to involve parents, teachers and youth leaders to step in and get the children started on an earth-friendly path. However, teaching children about alternative energy and respect for the earth is very important, because it can engage them in active participation today, and prepare them for having more choices for their better future. Through this event we would like to make something special that can teach our children about the environment. And this event is held because of togetherness, not only with parents, between us the teachers, children and community. In making children understand with this topic, we try to present not only through books or pictures but also with activities that can enhance their knowledge. And this time SekolahYasporbi – Pre School – Kindergarten – Primary gladly invite you to our event:


“It’s a Small World”

One earth, One sky, One love

Presented by :

Preschool – Kindergarten – Primary


 Day/Date : Saturday, June 15th 2013

Place : Main Atrium Pejaten Village

Time : 13:00 – 15:00


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banner-children-fun-market-pancoran-1   A school as a formal educational institution has an obligation not only to introduce academic skills but also life skills. Here, Sekolah Yasporbi Preschool & Kindergarten I has a program where children will be taught an entrepreneurship skills, it is called Business Day. As an institution under Bank of Indonesia we have also the privilege to acknowledge children with a broaden information we have. And not far from our curriculum, we introduce the concept of MONEY, the nominal, the function and to differentiate between Needs and Wants, this is what most important to be absorb and implement until they are wealthy enough to spend their own money. Come and Join Us to be the witness of the Children Fun Market where knowledge delivered and implemented at the same time!